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Corporate Sponsors

Advanced Engagement For World Business

Corporate sponsors help a company to capture the attention of students, make personal connections, and gain insights that help a company’s recruiting process. Sponsors will also have the ability to engage face-to-face with our sales students, build their brand, and discern best fit students for their company.

Brand Building

The CSU Sales Club can help businesses to generate awareness towards the organization and create career opportunities.


The Sales Club helps organizations identify and evaluate talent through interactions with students and find the best fit for their team.

Consultive Partnership

Promoting sales innovation and best practices, the Sales Club has a network of expertise enabling it to work on real-world issues and execute projects.

Diverse Talent

The club is offered to all majors on campus, and provides a highly sought-after pool of exceptionally trained sales professionals.


Industry Programs

Sponsors provide insight into improvements and interact with students directly as mentors. Our partners become part of the educational process.


Student Engagement

Promotion on campus, classroom visits, mentorships, and selling competitions are but a few of the ways the Sales Club can help students develop meaningful campus experiences.

Want to Partner Up?

If you are interested in learning more about our sponsorship program, contact us today!

CSU Sales Club Sponsors